Serving YOU In Josephine County

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Values Are Integrity
Committed to honesty, ethical conduct, and accountability, ensuring trustworthiness and principled leadership.

My priority is doing the right thing in the best interest of our citizens and the County.
Service Before Self
Prioritizes the needs and well-being of the community, establishing a compassionate and representative government.

I will always put community issues and concerns at the forefront and be your best representative in our Government.
Excellence In All We Do
Strives for outstanding quality and effectiveness in governance, setting new benchmarks for policy and service delivery.

Making Josephine County stand out above the rest and making our County the absolute best it can be for you, the taxpayer.

Putting those tax dollars to work, creating change, and providing excellence to our community.

Primary Update

Canidate Chris Barnett Expresses Gratitude for Strong Support in 2024 Primary

Dear Josephine County Residents,

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the overwhelming support I received in the 2024 Primary election. With your help, we nearly reached the 50.1% threshold required to avoid a runoff in November...

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Strong Support from Leading Advocates for Second Amendment Rights and Pro-Life Values


CB for County Commissioner Part 1
CB for County Commissioner Part 2

Latest Updates

“Community service is important to me, and my whole life, I have served others first, and now I want to serve you as your next County Commissioner! Let’s AIM HIGH together!”.
Chris Barnett

Serving YOU In Josephine County

Together, We Can Build Back Our Community. Let’s AIM HIGH Together!

Hi, Citizens of Josephine County. Like you, I love living in a county where your voice can be heard!

As a resident of this County for 43 years, I graduated from Hidden Valley High School, attended College at Rogue Community College, worked here, joined the Air Force, met my wife here, and own property in this great County we call home.

I'm a business owner who also volunteers as a Sheriff Department Volunteer, an Oregon State Police Volunteer, served on the Grants Pass Chamber of Commerce, the Grants Pass Association of Realtors Board Member, as Vice President of the Enlisted Association of the National Guard Oregon and made the highest Non-Commissioned Rank in the Air Force of Chief Master Sergeant.

I have always worked as an entrepreneur, and I run and operate two Franchises, a Real Estate firm, Realty Executives Southern Oregon, and #222, a professional Real Estate photography and video company both serving Josephine County. I love to be challenged and do not take NO for an answer, so Aim High is what the Air Force has taught me.

This Community has given me great opportunities to excel, and I want you to have them, too! I have served my Community, state, and nation in the U.S. Air Force, Oregon Air National Guard, the Air Force Reserve, and now the Command Chief for the Pacific Region Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol.

In addition to my Real Estate jobs and the military, I enjoy serving my Community at Grants Pass Broadcasting. I have been an announcer full-time and now part-time with a regular show on Saturday mornings on KLDR FM and afternoons on KAJO FM.

Community service is important to me, and my whole life, I have served others first, and now I want to serve you as your next County Commissioner!

I feel that my experience living here, working here, and serving in the Government can help me serve my Community even better.

I am married to a Grants Pass Native, Stefani Barnett, and have three beautiful girls who all were born and raised in Josephine County. I am a well-rounded person, you could say, with experiences that have positioned me to run for Government.

Why serve now, you ask? I want Josephine County to maintain its strength and greatness, but there's always room for improvement. Over the years, our County has struggled with budgeting, funding, and earning the trust of its people. My goal is to restore faith in our county government and to represent you, the people of Josephine County.

Serving YOU In Josephine County

My Priorities As Your County Commissioner

Support Our Mission

Community service is important to me, and my whole life, I have served others first, and now I want to serve you as your next County Commissioner!

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